Our firm was founded in 2000 by young Internet and digital media experts. Our primary aim was to enhance the Internet appearance of Hungarian companies, to help fashioning the Hungarian segment of the Web into an internationally worthy one. We can proclaim that our designers were and are contributing to Web sites that can stand up to the international competition. The most impressive proof of this is the satisfaction of our constantly growing customer base. We strive to form our partners!

Web facade based on their particular demands, naturally taking into account the progress of the World Wide Web, the newest trends in design, the most up-to-date technology, and the manageability and usability of the interface. With the help of our reliable business partners, our customers can not only have their Web site designed but manage their whole Internet representation, for instance, register their own domain names or rent unlimited storage capacity on fast web servers.
Besides Internet-related activities, our company also concerns itself with other areas of digital media, for example the production of multimedia CD-ROMs, commercials or presentations.

Netural is proud to have serious business and government entities among their customers. We have prepared a multimedia product for the Hungarian Privatization And State Holding Company (ÁPV Rt.), and contributed to the production of an anniversary CD-ROM for the newly reconstructed Maria Valeria Bridge connecting Esztergom, Hungary and Sturovo, Slovakia.

Naturally we are also eager to receive orders from smaller companies and individuals and to provide them services of a high niveau. Concerning this group of customers, we have broadened our palette of services by digital photography, image processing and logo design, and our newest feature is digital restoration of old, lack-lustre or damaged paper photos.
We have developed a flexible price structure to provide highly satisfactory services to all of our customers. Our fees are determined after negotiation, based on the demands of our customers.

Be our partner! Contact us and try the most dynamically evolving opportunity for representation and advertising!